The Ultimate Muscle Building Diet Plan

You only need to visit your local gym to find out how many men workout and dream of owning a ripped up muscular body. But not many of the men who lift weights actually achieve there dream. This is mainly down to their diet plan.

To build lean muscle mass you need to eat around 2 grams of protein for every pound you weigh. So if you weigh 200 pounds your aim should be to eat around 400 grams of protein everyday. A word of warning though, before you start an high protein diet, you must make sure you are drink a large glass of water with every meal, because your kidneys will be working much harder in trying to digest the added protein in your diet.

The best diet plan for building muscle fast is by eating 7 small meals a day, this is because your body can only digest so much protein at each meal. So if you are eating 3 to 4 larger meals with more protein at each meal. Most of the protein you eat is wasted and more often than not stored as fat. Eating 7 small meals a day can be a bit of a bind, but once you get use to it you will find it gets much easier.

Some of your meals will be protein shakes so you will be able to get these meals out of the way in a matter of seconds. Here’s roughly what you will be eating on the 7 meal diet plan.

7am Protein shake and banana

9.30am Porridge with a large glass of semi skimmed milk

12pm Chicken or fish with pasta or rice.

2.30pm Protein shake and orange.

4pm Weight training workout

5pm chicken or fish with pasta or rice.

7.30pm Chicken or fish with veg

10pm Protein Shake

If this doesn’t fit in with your job and lifestyle just change the times around to suit you. The workout program that works best with this type of diet plan is 45 minutes of intense weight training 4 times per week combined with 3 high intensity interval training workouts, with each workout lasting 20 minutes. To speed up your results it is wise that you complete your cardio workouts in the morning when you first get up. By doing this you are speeding up your metabolism for the rest of the day, meaning you will be burning off more fat.

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