5 Simplest Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Dieting is often thought of as a time of sacrifice and misery. When you hear the word diet odds are you think negatively, as in: “I can’t eat that” or “I can’t do that”. The word diet conjures up all sorts of images associated with depriving yourself and having to maintain a rigid exercise schedule, which is why many of us give up before we reach our weight loss goals. The defeatist attitude that accompanies the word diet sabotages the majority of us and needs to be changed. It’s time for a new approach to weight loss that will motivate you. Yes, you need to make some sacrifices if you want to lose weight, but you don’t need to sacrifice everything, or even diet in the traditional sense. Here are the easiest ways to lose weight without dieting:

1. Don’t Eat at Night: This is one of the easiest ways to cut calories and lose weight, yet most of us overlook it. Snacking at night is one of the worst habits you can have if you’re trying to lose weight. It can add empty calories to your diet and not only prevent you from losing weight, but cause you to gain. We tend to eat foods high in fat and calories after dinner, like ice cream or potato chips and we usually do it sitting in front of the TV. This is a bad combination because TV distracts you, so you end up eating more. Make a point of choosing a time when your kitchen is closed ( no later than 7 P. M. is ideal) and then stick with it. You should always consider opting for healthy habits for weight loss.

2. Don’t Drink Your Calories: This is another way to quickly cut calories without even noticing. Whether you’re drinking soda or fruit juice they are both the same because they are full of sugar which can lead to excess weight gain. The worst part is your gaining weight and you’re still hungry because drinks won’t fill you up. Save your calories for your meals and learn to drink beverages with only a few calories. Try water, flavored water, seltzer or low calories vegetable juices. This applies to alcoholic beverages too. If you drink wine with your meals try to limit it to only the weekends, or cut down from 2 glasses to 1.

3. Add Protein to Your Diet: Adding foods like lean proteins to your diet will make you feel like you’re not dieting even though you really are. Proteins make you feel full, so you’re less likely to overeat or snack between meals. Add some protein to each meal to keep hunger at bay and keep you feeling satisfied.

Healthy proteins you can use include: low fat yogurt, peanut butter, eggs, beans, nuts and lean meats. Nuts and peanut butter both contain higher levels of fat and although it is healthy fat you should keep their portions small.

4. Control Your Environment: Simply put, keep your house stocked with good for you foods, not goodies. You can’t eat cookies if they’re not there. Fill your pantry with healthy foods you love or low calorie versions of the ones you can’t live without. Sugar free Jell-o and puddings, as well as frozen yogurts are great to satisfy your sweet spot, but even they can add weight if you eat too much so don’t keep too many and buy individual serving sized packages to control portions. Also, if you’re out at a party it’s okay to indulge, just control it. For instance, if you’re at a barbecue have a burger, but keep it at one. Also, wait at least 15 minutes before returning to the buffet table. You’ll feel fuller and eat less.

5. Eat a Little Less: If you really didn’t want to give up certain foods you don’t have to: cut down on how much of it you eat and you can still lose considerable amount of weight. Now this doesn’t hold true for snacks and desserts: if you eat cake every night you will not lose weight, but if you apply this rule to your regular meals it can make a big difference. For example: at dinner have only one bowl of pasta if you normally have two or eat a half a steak instead of a full one. You will slash calories and see results.

These simple tips will help you change your approach to weight loss and have more success. You can enjoy the foods you love and lose weight: you just have to be smart about it. Moderation and a few simple adjustments can have you losing weight without even trying.

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