Far too A lot Caffeine in Your Eating plan? Consider Some L-Theanine

It truly is time for the 3rd ingredient in the “Anxiety Less for Poker Good results” formula. Soon after this one particular, only two much more substances to go right before you have the fantastic method for a strain absolutely free lifetime. Ah, you can almost truly feel the reduction previously.

Before I dive into the 3rd ingredient, I just want to give you a quick recap on the very first two ingredients.

Personally, I use Rhodiola rosea only during instances of extreme worry. I am going to ordinarily get started employing it two to 3 days ahead of the anticipated worry and continue on utilizing it 3-5 times following it has finished. It most likely has one of the major amounts of medical evidence supporting its positive aspects in terms of nutraceuticals. In my belief, it’s an excellent, well-studied nutraceutical.

Bacopa is viewed as my extended-expression stress supplement. I use it 365 days a calendar year. It helps to neutralize the anxiety of day-to-day everyday living. On best of that, it also has some cognitive-boosting capabilities. What it lacks in scientific evidence, it helps make up for in real-entire world feedback. You cannot argue with a supplement which is been used for hundreds of many years in Ayurvedic medicine.


I believe it truly is blindly obvious that we reside in an electricity-addicted world nowadays. It would seem that we cannot get adequate energy. We have Red Bull which rapidly turned a billion greenback drink. Then there was 5 Hour Electrical power, for all those that thirsted for energy however desired to stay away from caffeine. Now you can find umpteen various vitality drinks along with hundreds of distinctive vitality capsules. We’re certainly a society that’s overdosed on power. C’mon people, take it easy a little.

Which is exactly what the dietary health supplement market is predicting for the next couple of yrs: a finish reversal. Now for a longer time will we look for for strength, but we will Want leisure. Thus, they forecast that supplements that have an impact on GABA, a calming neurotransmitter, will be the following massive craze. What caffeine is to strength, GABA is to relaxation. Ativan, Xanax, Restoril, and so on all function by using GABA receptors in the physique. Heaven appreciates, all those prescription medicines are now a hot merchandise.

This is why you are going to in all probability hear a large amount much more about L-theanine in the next pair of decades. In actuality, really don’t be shocked if a main strength consume starts incorporating l-theanine to its combine. Get applied to viewing “enriched with l-theanine for a peaceful power.”


L-theanine is an amino acid most normally found in tea. In fact, the comforting result of tea is generally a final result of l-theanine.

System of motion

It will work by means of a wide variety of mechanisms. On the other hand, the 4 that are most vital to us are:

Its capacity to enhance the amounts of serotonin, dopamine, and GABA exercise. These three neurotransmitters are particularly critical for relaxation, mood, and electrical power.

Its skill to increase alpha brain wave action. Alpha mind waves are imagined to correlate with a comfortable, nevertheless notify point out in individuals.

Its means to counteract some of the detrimental stimulant effects of caffeine. In actuality a couple scientific studies have proven that a combo of l-theanine and caffeine is excellent to caffeine on your own with regards to psychological overall performance.

Its means to block the hazardous effects of excitatory neurotransmitters that can demolish brain cells.


The usual dosage is 200mg taken any where from 1-3 periods daily. I have observed this to be nearly particularly what I have to have. I may perhaps want a minor larger sized dosage if I have taken a ton of stimulants through the day. Nevertheless, usually titrate to a dosage that will work for you. It truly is incredibly safe so you will never have to worry about overdosing.

Why I like it

It is particularly safe and properly-tolerated. That is always of the utmost relevance.

Just like Rhodiola rosea, I don’t use this just about every working day. Generally, I will only use it for the duration of moments of extreme anxiety or when I have eaten a huge volume of stimulants. I’ve identified it to be one particular of the number of health supplements to counteract the negative results of stimulants. It works.

In addition, even while there have only been 1 or two studies to clearly show this, it supposedly has some cognitive-boosting skills. As we all can concur, this is a advantage we’re hunting for.

Why for poker gamers

Compared to each and every nutraceutical I have talked about consequently considerably, l-theanine probably will be most valuable to poker gamers. Why? I have found poker players are electrical power junkies. Caffeine, Pink Bull, Ritalin, etc are typically applied, specifically by the on-line gamers. Power. Power. Vitality. Get a capsule of l-theanine, and not only do you block the unfavorable effects affiliated with stimulants, but you also boost their cognitive-improving talents. That’s identified as synergy.

Poker players have to don’t forget that getting about-stimulated is just as negative as being mentally fatigued. Both equally can cause mental mistakes. Taking part in energized and overzealous is inferior to enjoying relaxed and concentrated. Leisure is the missing component for the countless amounts of energy merchandise accessible now. Please bear in mind, the strength drinks and goods on the sector these days are built for physical electricity (performing out or waking up immediately after a lengthy night time) not for psychological vitality. It’s like trying to suit a sq. peg in a round gap.

In addition, the usual power complement even more will increase your pressure reaction. The objective behind these solutions is to get you in that flight-or-fight method, aka tension. So, you might be placing an extra total of tension on your head. Not fantastic. Try to remember, worry kills mind cells.

Loosen up a minor guy. It might just be the response you have been searching for. Balancing rest with stimulation is the critical to results at nearly anything that necessitates psychological general performance.

As usually, I am going to publish the scientific tests in the next pair of days.

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