Guide Critique: “The Planet Peace Diet program: Having for Religious Overall health and Social Harmony”

Albert Einstein as soon as wrote, “Almost nothing will benefit human well being and boost odds for survival of daily life on Earth as significantly as the evolution to a vegetarian diet plan.” In his guide, “The Planet Peace Food plan,” Dr. Will Tuttle illuminates and expands on this concept.

“The Planet Peace Food plan” is a guide that, if you have the willingness and the bravery to read through, will elevate your consciousness, adjust your perceptions about the environment and its bewildered and conflicted being familiar with of morality, open up your coronary heart to a increased appreciation of nature, God and spirit, modify the choices that you make on a every day foundation, and in so performing transform the universe for the greater excellent of all involved.

“Most people, shortly or late, sits down to a banquet of effects.”

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

The Total Peace Food plan speaks to the terrorism, torture, mutilation, castration, rape, imprisonment, subjugation and mass murder of animals for food items and other commodities, and higher than all, for earnings.

It particulars the approaches in which our society and our humanity reflects the strategies in which we handle animals. Essentially, what we do to many others, we do to ourselves. As we continue on to inflict ache, suffering and demise on other residing entities, disregarding the specifics that they have feelings, intelligence, instinct, mom-boy or girl relationships, peer interactions, and a divine purpose no superior or even worse than our own, we can relaxation assured there will by no means be peace on the earth. We can go on to count on ongoing war, violence, aggression, torture, sadism, rape, murder, the list goes on and on.

“The Planet Peace Food plan” not only delves into the parallels of our behaviors toward animals and our behaviors toward just about every other, as nicely as our societal woes born of our hunger for profit by any means essential, it also exposes the reader to the historical roots of humankind’s diversion from a plant-primarily based to an animal-based diet.

“By desecrating animals, we make electrical power fields that desecrate us and block our reason on this earth: to unfold wisdom, adore, and comprehension.”

~ Will Tuttle, Ph.D.

“The Environment Peace Food plan” is brilliant, powerful and revealing. Similarly so, it is a profoundly disturbing book: It retains up a mirror that supplies a reflection most men and women will not take pleasure in looking at. We have been experienced to dissociate the foods we eat with the method that is included prior to it arriving on our plate. We have grow to be unconscious accomplices of mass murder. It really is incredibly unfortunate.

The depths of our unconsciousness and the suppression of the truth of the matter of what we do to defenseless animals on behalf of our creature comforts reveal a culture that is mired in duality and hypocrisy. Even our sacred religions which are supposed to be beacons of mild to lead the way to God, Truth, Adore and Peace have been co-opted by an animal having/exploitation mentality.

As Dr. Tuttle so eloquently places it: “May possibly we ponder deeply the knowledge of the Golden Rule ahead of it’s far too late, and begin to essentially reside it with respect to the animals who are at our mercy.”

“Slaughter and justice simply cannot dwell alongside one another.”

~ Isaac Bashevis Singer

Practically each day I hear people conversing about how terrible the environment is, how every little thing is having worse: the overall economy, the atmosphere, the violence and war, the aggressive, competitive mentality in common, the ever-escalating inequality of classes.

Nearly each day I listen to the perception of powerlessness and futility individuals have in phrases of their wish to make a distinction and to alter our environment for the much better.

I convey to you this with no equivocation: Just about all of the troubles we are struggling with in the environment now these kinds of as war, poverty, starvation, environmental devastation, being overweight, most cancers, heart assaults, diabetes, a multitude of other health conditions and circumstances, alcoholic beverages and drug abuse, massive economic inequality and political abuse of ability are the result of a modern society entrenched in having the flesh and blood of animals.

Go through this book. Adjust your head. Change your diet program. Modify your life.

Adjust THE Entire world!

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