The Healthiest Treats to Feed Your Ferrets

When these sparkly small eyes are gazing up longingly from that lovely fuzzy face, it can be hard to resist the urge to indulge your ferret in no matter what tempting treat the very small trickster is trying to tease out of you. But retain in mind that as with every little thing in lifestyle, moderation is important no much more than 5% of your ferret’s over-all diet program ought to consist of treats, and not all treats are produced equivalent. As obligate carnivores, ferrets have extremely unique dietary desires that vary from puppies, cats and specifically human beings. They are not able to take in the same form of foodstuff or treats that you or even your other animals consume on a day by day basis and continue to be totally healthful. Ferrets need a large protein, substantial extra fat, low fiber eating plan with the major protein resources coming from meat elements. They do not digest fruit, vegetables, grains/cereals or fiber properly, and should avoid sweet/sugary foods which can lead to dental difficulties, obesity, and increased danger of insulinoma.

The following is a record of some excellent treat selections to supply:

1) Meat: Freeze dried, cooked or uncooked (If not component of their most important diet plan previously) Hen, turkey, beef, salmon, organ meats like chicken liver or hearts, salt free of charge jerky (avoid seasoned meats or processed meats like lunchmeat, salami or bacon).

2) Modest prey animals (If not element of their key diet regime by now) – mice, chicks, quail, rats, rabbits – preferably pre-killed or thawed from frozen to protect against damage to your ferret.

3) Bugs (stay/dried) Earthworms. Mealworms. Crickets. Cockroaches. Reside bait.

4) Rooster or turkey toddler food items – ferrets can develop into addicted to this stuff! It also works effectively as a short-term substitute for kibble if your ferret is ill or recovering from surgical procedure and is a picky eater.

5) Eggs: raw or cooked unseasoned (take away the shell)

6) Oils – Salmon, Emu, Cod liver, Additional-virgin Olive or Excess-virgin Coconut Oils.

Vitamin supplements like FerreTone, Linatone, Furatone, FerretLax, Laxatone, Petromalt should really be averted when working with healthful ferrets. Vitamin A toxicity can consequence from as well a lot of the “tone” nutritional supplements.

7) Commercial ferret treats – The highest quality treats are absolutely free of all sugar or soy components. Below are a number of very good types:

– Wysong Every day Dream Ferret Treats

– Stella & Chewys freeze dried

– PureBites Freeze dried

The adhering to are also Ok in moderation but are significantly less preferred simply because of trace quantities of sugar and/or soy:

– N-Bone Ferret Chew Treats

– Cheweasel Edible Chew toys

– Fuzzys’ Foamy Fries

– Brown’s Pure Rooster Strips Ferret Treat

Prevent most other “ferret treats” marketed in pet merchants numerous are high in sugar, have fruits and veggies as the principal elements, and just about no protein.

Do Not Feed Record:

Greens, fruit, dried fruit (which include raisins), alcoholic beverages, sugary beverages or juice, espresso and tea products, garlic or shallots, cereals, dairy merchandise, seeds and nuts (can result in blockages), chocolate, sweet, fruit snacks, peanut butter, organic chew toys not meant for ferrets (like cow hooves, pig ears or rawhide – can trigger intestinal blockages in ferrets), pet dog or cat treats.

When in doubt – really don’t allow your ferret consume it, even if he or she would like it! Keep in mind… ferrets will take in a piece of lethal Styrofoam or plastic just as speedily as they will a tasty piece of meat – so they’re evidently not always the greatest judges of what is or is just not fantastic for them. You have to be the clever just one in the relatives, and hold them on the secure path in the direction of a extensive and healthier lifestyle even if that signifies preserving them from taking in issues that they’re certainly persuaded that they want to consume. Getting the bad cop and limiting your ferret’s treats will spend off when you get to appreciate the gain of your bouncy, bright-eyed bandit’s corporation for quite a few far more yrs to occur.

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