No Easy Ways To Lose Weight

I’ve read numerous articles promising weight loss in miraculous ways. Some require me to exercise for just twenty minutes a day for twelve weeks and I can lose up to 8 kg and 4 inches. Others tell me about things I need to include in my diet in order to attain my dream figure. My magazine rack can be divided into two sections. One, about magazines on weight loss through exercising and the other section being about magazines those promise weight loss through eating right.

I will never know though if any of this works. I have never been successful in following a twelve weeks plan. So, every Sunday night I motivate myself and set my alarm half an hour earlier than my usual time. This extra half hour is my stipulated time on the treadmill. The alarm of course fails every morning. There is a function called snooze which is extremely convenient and a major setback for all of us who want to lose weight. Every week I have a new plan to lose weight the ‘easy’ way.

Last week I took the ultimate step to fitness. I fired my maidservant. For no fault of hers and with no bitter words exchanged I let go my helper. I decided, if I want to lose weight, now is the time. A maidservant is the most essential member in an Indian household. She can be of two types, a live-in helper or a part-time helper. She cleans the house, washes the utensils and scrubs the bathroom floors. In some households she even loads the washing machine and unloads the dryer. So, she is an absolutely indispensable member of the family. Letting her go was a big decision. I tightened my belt and geared up for the day. I did not have the guts to tell my husband because I knew he would gape at me in disbelief. To be frank, I did not believe myself either. I spent a sleepless night tossing and turning trying to figure out how I was going to complete all the chores. I think I did lose a few calories that night. My morning started with sweeping the house with a broom. I had never paid attention to the weight of a broom before this and made a mental note of getting one that would be easier on my arms. It took me about twenty minutes to sweep the entire house. It seemed like a good time to take a break when my doorbell rang. My maidservant had come back to return a container she had borrowed. As soon as I saw her, all my resolve to lose weight flew out of the window and I pulled her in. These days I have a dazed smile on my face while she does her work around the house. I prepare an extra cup of tea for her and thank her mentally everyday for coming to work. I have to think up of another easy way to lose weight now.

So, today I woke up with the resolve of eating less. That should sure be easier than household chores. I started my day with a banana and went on to have a papaya after an hour. I was hungry again within an hour and decide to quail my hunger by having two glasses of water. I got busy with my chores and playing games with my young daughter. By her nap time in the afternoon I was famished and my body was craving cheese. All I could see in front of me was, dancing cheese sandwiches. As soon as my daughter fell asleep I rushed into the kitchen and made myself two cheese sandwiches. I knew at that moment, another easy way of weight loss was lost to me.

I now have a new resolution. I will pick up all the magazines I have bought over a period of time and chalk out an exercise regime for myself. I do wish however that these magazines were a bit more honest and did not label this as ‘the easy way to lose weight’. For, losing weight is no easy task, and there are no short cuts.

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