The Unofficial Protocel Diet plan

Protocel is a non-harmful substitute cancer treatment method. It functions a little bit differently than other different solutions in that it does not perform by striving to bolster the immune technique so that your all-natural immune system can struggle off your most cancers. Protocel works instantly on the most cancers cells by starving them of ATP, (adenosine triphosphate,) which is how the two nutritious cells and most cancers cells get their electrical vitality.

Most non-toxic choice most cancers treatments have to have rigid nutritional changes to bolster the immune method. Some of these dietary changes incorporate switching to an alkaline diet, going vegetarian, and restricting large glycemic food items. These styles of diet plans will function with Protocel also, but that is not the principal concern. The key dietary concern though applying Protocel is to limit feeding on meals that really interfere with Protocel, and can induce it to turn into ineffective.

The 3 key dietary worries are:

Vitamin C


Vitamin E

Initially, Vitamin C, professionals on Protocel say to take in no extra than 100 mgs. for every day. Do not consume any citrus fruits or juice. You can just do an internet search to obtain out the Vitamin C written content of the fruits and veggies you like to take in. Seems pretty basic. Test to eat each some fruits and greens every single day. One a lot more matter, you can eat cooked greens mainly because cooking your veggies rather considerably destroys the vitamin C.

Things are a bit less crystal clear when it will come to Vitamin E and Selenium. Although it is acknowledged that Vitamin E and Selenium interfere with Protocel, the experts aren’t sure just how a lot can be securely consumed. I’m likely to listing the top rated 10 meals with the maximum Vitamin E and Selenium content, and then I’m likely to make some suggestions based mostly on my personal ordeals.

Top 10 food items higher in Selenium

1. Brazil nuts

2. Shellfish, oysters, mussels, and whelk

3. Liver

4. Fish together with canned tuna

5. Sunflower seeds

6. Bran, wheat, rice, and oat, features wheat germ

7. Caviar

8. Bacon and pork chops

9. Lobster and crab

10. Shrimp

I want to give you some rules on Selenium based mostly on my personal investigation and working experience. 1st of all, Brazil nuts are just off the charts in Selenium written content, so I would endorse wholly staying absent from feeding on Brazil nuts. Anything else on the record can be eaten in moderation. Let me outline what I imply by, “in moderation. ” No a lot more than twice a week, and then only in modest amounts. For illustration, canned tuna, no extra than &frac12 cup. When consuming any kind of bran, no much more than &frac12 cup. Any type of fish, shrimp or pork chop, a part about the sizing of your fist or a deck of playing cards is a good rule of thumb, but again, no more than twice a week.

Best 10 foodstuff high in Vitamin E

1. Wheat germ oil

2. Sunflower seeds

3. Almond butter

4. Almonds

5. Sunflower oil

6. Safflower oil

7. Hazelnuts

8. Peanut butter

9. Peanuts

10. Cooked Spinach

The tips for Vitamin E are related to all those for Selenium. Wheat Germ oil is really considerably off the charts so I would unquestionably keep totally absent from that, (and wheat germ in common for that matter. ) Anything else can be consumed in moderation. I think the vital point below is to eat little parts. Most of the merchandise mentioned are nuts and seeds, so I would say no far more than an ounce or about 2 tablespoons and then no a lot more than at the time a working day. Personally, I pick out foodstuff at the base of the checklist and avoid the food items at the leading of this checklist. For example, for Protocel end users, peanut butter is far better than almond butter mainly because it has significantly less Vitamin E.

Now I want to inform you about my possess eating plan that I am working with even though on Protocel to take care of my breast cancer. I’m not particular that I have received it all figured out yet, and I’m nevertheless on a studying curve so I’ll just give you the ideal information that I can.

First of all you need to stay away from all refined sugar. You ought to also steer clear of white flour, white rice, and pasta, (you can have total grain pasta or brown rice. ) This is for the reason that most cancers cells adore to feed on sugar. The good news is, changing sugar with a healthful substitute like Stevia helps make sacrificing sugar really uncomplicated to do.

For breakfast I generally take in a buckwheat pancake with some contemporary fruit on top rated both a sliced banana or raspberries. That’s for the reason that that just comes about to be what I like to consume, but there are countless possibilities. You can have eggs and entire grain toast, oatmeal, entire grain bagel and product cheese, buckwheat or complete grain pancakes, rather substantially anything at all you like as very long as you follow the suggestions I have stated.

For lunch I pretty much always consume hen or some hormone free beef. Once again, there is tons of adaptability with what you can have with it. I’m likely to listing some of the selections that I like but as extensive as you keep within just the tips you can rather significantly appreciate your beloved foodstuff. You may well have to just tweak them a minimal to make them a minimal healthier, like substituting Stevia for sugar and full wheat flour for white flour. Right here goes:

1. A sandwich produced with Ezekiel 4:9 bread or total grain bread

2. A salad with iceberg lettuce, a handful of cashews or almonds, grapes, goat cheese and sugar cost-free dressing.

3. Home made vegetable soup or chili

4. Tacos, tostadas, or a burrito made with Ezekiel 4:9 tortillas.

5. Hamburger with a entire grain sugar totally free bagel.

6. Most cooked veggies, (I hardly ever try to eat possibly clean or cooked broccoli or cooked sweet potatoes for the reason that they are relatively large in vitamin C, nevertheless at times in compact amounts it’s Okay, ie. 1/2 cup. )

For supper I generally stay vegetarian, while not always. I am big on different forms of legumes. I make killer lentil soup, black beans, and fava beans. I in fact like taking in healthier meals, but if you might be not a health and fitness-nut like me which is Ok, there seriously is tons of versatility so that you can continue to delight in most of your most loved meals. Just observe the basic suggestions that I’ve listed. The adhering to is a checklist of some of the points I try to eat for supper:

1. Lentil soup, break up-pea soup, or vegetable soup, (my vegetable soup has meat in it. )

2. Pizza created with an Ezekiel 4:9 tortilla, pizza sauce, and mozzarella.

3. Entire grain spaghetti with sautéed mushrooms and veggies in the sauce.

4. Tough-boiled egg, an apple, plain yogurt mixed with vanilla and Stevia, and a selfmade muffin, (built with full wheat flour and Stevia).

5. Black beans and brown rice, with a small vitamin C fruit, (peach, pear, or an apple. )

6. Ezekiel 4:9 toast with sugar absolutely free normal peanut butter.

7. Millet, (a grain very similar to rice but healthier. ) and ground fava beans and marinated rooster.

I don’t usually have the self-discipline to try to eat the excellent Protocel diet program. I do consume 2 cups of coffee every day, 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the afternoon. Coffee does not interfere with Protocel but most cancer weight loss plans strictly prohibit coffee. It can be also challenging to be fantastic when consuming in a restaurant and in some cases I scarf down 2 or 3 items of pizza. I have also been regarded to go encounter-very first into the basket of chips at the Mexican restaurant. I also share the occasional Diet program Pepsi with my son. Sweets never tempt me that significantly but sometimes I try to eat sugar free ice cream sweetened with Splenda, or even a few bites of some cake or a cookie. I truly do check out to retain this type of blatant dishonest to a minimal nonetheless and typically only slip up about when or twice a 7 days.

A single matter that I am quite disciplined about is generating confident that I get my Protocel on an vacant stomach. I often get Protocel at the very least &frac12 hour or preferably 45 minutes right before and immediately after a food. I also consume tons of pure h2o.

So you can see there is a good deal of flexibility with your diet program when on Protocel, and there is a great deal of place to love your favored meals with just a number of changes like switching to Stevia as a substitute of sugar and complete wheat flour in its place of white flour. I have identified that generating these modest modifications in my diet program is fairly painless and I never really feel deprived of consuming my favourite foodstuff. This is just a typical guideline and I really don’t declare to know all the responses, but I wished to share the data that I have uncovered to consider to give you the ideal opportunity at accomplishing achievement while utilizing Protocel

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