ITP – 15 Ways to Assistance Lower Blood Platelets With Food, Supplements and Life-style Changes

I and quite a few other organic practitioners firmly consider that ITP and most cancers are all similar to a diploma. The all stem from persistent inflammation and a breakdown of the immune method. The physique is a total organism and it normally takes an all out war on any probable offending culprit or culprits. Apart from using points to increase our wellness and raise platelets, we also have to take out all those items out of our existence that may well be creating us damage, and then give the human body a opportunity to mend alone. We are a pretty amazing self healing organism supplied 50 % the chance.

In this article is a straightforward list of 15 steps you can just take to help heal your ITP

Get rid of as a lot of chemical harmful toxins as I possibly could from my system treatment merchandise and my house. The harmful burden the human race is carrying is at epic proportions and we were being not built to tolerate all of these chemical substances.

Enhance your uptake of large high quality nutritional supplements primarily Coenzyme Q10, selenium, zinc, melatonin, vitamin a,d and e. Choose a individual Vitamin B3 (Niacinimide) complement. B3 has anticancer/anti swelling houses.

I would get a mega every day dose of ascorbic acid – 12 grams if you can tolerate it. Ascorbic acid protects plasma lipids towards oxidative injury, destroying absolutely free radicals. Ascorbic acid also decreases the toxicity of medicines made use of in chemo and reduces the effects of radiation.

Do away with all dairy solutions from your food plan

Eat at minimum three Raw cloves of garlic a day. (chop it up and put on anything)

Keep away from sugar like the plague. That also usually means any point with superior fructose corn syrup in it. It is actually poison to your method. Use honey sparingly or use stevia.

Get rid of all refined grains from your diet plan. Eg: processed breads, cereals, white rice etcetera. Totally eradicate all wheat solutions either refined or unrefined.

Keep away from all foods additives

Consider a good probiotic health supplement

Take in at least 60% of your eating plan in raw foodstuff. Ideally natural and organic. (In other terms take in as near to all-natural as you perhaps can. If it can be processed steer distinct! Try to eat simple food combinations. EG: a eco-friendly salad, with a piece of grilled hen or lean meat with some brown rice or a steamed vegetable. Preserve it uncomplicated and straightforward on your digestion.

Consume a day by day contemporary juiced green drink of natural carrots, wheat grass and any other green vegetable that you might have. Celery is very good but make positive that just one is undoubtedly natural and organic as it retains any pesticides with in the membranes (in other words and phrases, the pesticides never wash off). Add some raw cacao to your consume.( It has 30 moments the anti-oxidants of environmentally friendly tea.)

Consume 50 % of your my body fat in ounces of pure drinking water that has no fluoride or chlorine in it. A squeeze of fresh new lemon juice in the drinking water will help flush out the toxic compounds and alkalize your method.

Acquire a extremely good high-quality cod liver oil or flax seed health supplement in liquid type, not capsules (although there are some manufacturers of fish oil capsules that are very good – be guaranteed to do your exploration although.)

Take a mushroom capsule complement. Not any mushrooms even though. Glance for a nutritional supplement that has the pursuing:




Cloud (coriolus)


4 to 8 capsules a working day with drinking water. These mushrooms are really large in glyconutrients and are a person of the accurate superfoods obtainable. The enable stability out the immune program, and have even been regarded to support mend cancer as very well as other autoimmune problems.

As a side notice…the most significant dilemma about any of these car immune ailments such as itp and cancer is that if you will not actually discover out what the root induce is, you can never ever be equipped to mend correctly. All your fantastic intentions may possibly not be sufficient if you never know what it is that is causing the breakdown in your technique. It is even achievable that your physique may perhaps just be intolerant to one thing that is perceived to be fantastic for you. Very little beats recognizing Which is why I was so grateful that I observed my naturopath who uses dna tests and major metallic screening so I could get to the base of Viv’s ITP.

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