How to Lose a Double Chin Without Surgery

If double chins are a real problem for men, then they are a real nightmare for women. More often than not a double chin will appear as we put weight on or as our body slows down as we get older. We do not burn as many calories so naturally we all put a little more weight on as we gain in years.

Double chins are common place for both men and women and many cures can work for either. Men may have a little advantage because they can grow a very discretely positioned beard or stubble which can be cut into a designer fashion around the chin to flow on top of the same double chin lines. There is a real art to this and many movie stars and personalities find this options perfectly agreeable. But what about the rest of us who prefer to get rid of the double chin once and for all?

The first thing to consider is diet. I know there is no surprise there but it really does work. I balanced diet of minerals, protein and vitamins along with regular exercise will reduce the body fat and this includes your face. Drinking plenty of water, at least two/four litres a day will do you no harm at all. Drinking plenty of fresh orange and lemon juice is very beneficial to you because it contains natural antioxidants and will flush away all the toxins in your body.

Exercise is a real must. Jogging, tennis, squash or racquetball for example will force you to move in different directions and will make your lose skin very flexible. You may not feel it but it will be moving in all directions. Watch any slow motion of an athlete and you will see what I mean. If you blend this movement with actually sweating of the face then you have an ideal recipe for losing weight so long as you stay away from fatty foods or anything with high calorie content.

Sauna’s are another wonderful way for you to lose weight and is an area so hot that you cannot fail to sweat and lose weight from your face. After a sauna how about a massage, especially a facial one. All the rubbing, needing and stretching of the facial muscles will also do your profile no harm at all.

If you prefer something a little private in the comfort of your own home then you can target the flabby area of your chin directly with some simple exercises. Using the top of your hand (not your palm) you can gently smack the area upwards. You need to do this for between 10 and 20 minutes. You can keep swapping hands if you want because it can get a little tiring. Do this twice a day for a couple of weeks and should see some significant difference. This type of facial exercise is very popular in Asia and is practiced by the Chinese and Japanese.

Another exercise you can do is to use both thumbs and do a rotation movement in the flabby chin area. This is a little more intense then the gentle slapping option but can have some very positive results. You must ensure you do not overdo these types of exercise. There is no point in basically beating up your face just to bring the success schedule a little nearer. Tomorrow is another day so try and be patient. The results will come if you are consistent with the exercise and strict with your diet.

I would avoid doing any stressful neck exercises that some people discuss. This can cause some serious damage to your upper spine and neck area. There is no point trying to rectify one area of your body only to realize you have caused another which has more serious implications. The trick is to do things gradually. Your double chin did not appear overnight so it’s naturally going to take time to reduce or hopefully disappear for good.

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