Developing a Vegetarian Mindset & The Health Benefits

Thinking vegetarian can be very difficult among family and friends. Vegetarians tend to get subjected to ongoing religious and unfair arguments that being a carnivore is the normal way to live. I strongly believe that everyone is an individual. The fact is that in order of vegetarianism to become embraced by society those who eat meat have to resist the intellectual, religious and social pressures and make their own choice. If you feel you are not getting enough support from friends and family you can always join a vegetarian friendly group. You can also get this kind of support from food co-ops or college campuses and even online.

In other countries people are vegetarian by religious faith so they have each other to lean on. They have been taught in their religions not to kill animals. The orient has many dishes that are famous and have absolutely no meat.

There are those vegetarians who are so fanatic that they eat foods right from nature instead of waiting for animals to eat produce and then for them to eat the animals. This is a good choice when you realize that animals have illnesses and can pass them off to consumers in the form of an epidemic. Other people hate the thought of handling any type of flesh and it changes their way of thinking and eating.

Many people have a harder time in digesting meats over fruits, nuts and veggies so they turn to these foods to feel better and healthier. Vegetarians understand that consuming animal products can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis. A vegetarian diet can prevent 97%of coronary occlusions.

For the younger generation like college students who struggle with bills and are on a budget, fruits, vegetables and grains is a less expensive alternative to meat. Nowadays, vegetarianism has become a mainstream choice and does not carry the stigma it did in the 60’s and 70’s. The 21st Century has arrived!

However, when most people go vegetarian they eat a high fat diet adding lots of cheese! Today, even health professionals will tell you that the vegetarian diet is the healthiest way to live. Even the great Dalai Lama has chosen to change his dietary habit and become a vegetarian. He is encouraging all the youth of Tibet to change their diets in order to have peace of mind. This is no small feat for the Dalai Lama now that he is seventy years old!

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