Do Weight Loss Body Wraps Really Work?

What Different Kinds of Body Wraps are There?

There are basically two different kinds of body wraps being used today. Both types are largely focused on the healing, moisturizing, and conditioning of the skin. However, the primary role of the two kinds of body wraps is radically different. Read on to find out more!

The Water Loss Body Wrap!

The first type of body wrap, enables you to lose inches through water loss. These water loss wraps can be useful for a large event or special occasion, when you might want to be looking your best for that night. However, the inch loss from a water loss wrap is only temporary.

Losing inches in this manner is similar to that which could be obtained through excessive sweating during exercise.

The Weight Loss Body Wrap!

The other type of body wrap is basically known as a weight loss body wrap. This type of body wrap creates inch loss by aiding the lymphatic system in the removal of stored toxins. These toxins enter into your system through poor dieting, the environment, and pollutants!

Weight loss body wraps stimulate lymphatic drainage which releases toxins and fatty acids from your cells into your capillaries. These toxins are then eliminated along with the system’s natural waste process.

During a weight loss body wrap, drinking large quantities of water is beneficial in aiding in detoxification and fat loss.

Although the results from the weight loss body wrap can vary depending on an individual’s toxicity level, the loss obtained is often permanent.

What’s the Answer?

Yes, weight loss body wraps can help you to lose weight and feel great!

The general consensus by many industry experts is that weight loss can be facilitated through a weight loss body wrap regiment.

However, you must be sure that the body wrap is not formulated for water weight. The body wrap must be created to aide in weight loss through detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

Many industry experts also concur that body wraps should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program to achieve true results. Simply using a body wrap once will not keep the inches off, if your diet and/or exercise regiments are not balanced.

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