Calcium Supplements For PMS & PMDD Remedy

Calcium is a promising remedy for PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Problem). All studies carried out on calcium and premenstrual signs and symptoms have proven that it does provide symptom reduction. In the major research, ladies took 1200mg per day and had practically a 50% reduction in their signs. Some girls in this study who have been getting a placebo experienced a 30% reduction in signs or symptoms, (which just goes to show the electric power of beneficial considering!).

Just one scientific research showed that girls have decreased stages of calcium the week in advance of their interval than the 7 days just after their period of time. That could show that PMDD signs are partially owing to reduced calcium degrees. Also, the indicators of individuals with low degrees of calcium have been the similar as PMS and PMDD indications.

There is some proof that women with a premenstrual disorder, like PMDD, have a lower bone mass. This has not been confirmed to be related to calcium, but it also hasn’t been established that it can be NOT linked. Looking at most women only get 50 % the suggested each day allowance, a complement would assist guard your bones as you age.

Considering that there is evidence that it can help ease premenstrual indicators and could be an powerful PMDD cure, then it would not harm to give it a try. Calcium nutritional supplements are frequently secure and greatly applied. Maintain in mind that calcium absorption is inhibited by much too significantly protein, oxalic acid (identified in leafy environmentally friendly greens) and liquor. So you should not overdo it in any of these spots.

Dosage for PMDD Treatment:

  • Consider 900-1200mg/day. You need to distribute this out in 2-3 doses, as your physique can only take up 500mg at a person time. (The toxic amount of calcium is 2500mg/working day.)
  • It need to be taken with foods, however not anything at all higher in fiber. Fiber binds calcium and helps prevent your system from absorbing it.
  • There are two kinds of supplements you can choose: calcium carbonate and calcium citrate, which is a lot less irritating to your digestive program if you have a delicate abdomen.
  • You will require to acquire it at the very least three months prior to you could commence to recognize advancement of your signs.


Calcium dietary supplements lessen the success of some medicines, including the antibiotic tetracycline and the anticonvulsant phenytoin (aka Dilantin). Communicate to your doctor if you acquire possibly of these or if you have difficulties with your parathyroid gland, kidney stones or kidney disorder. Stop taking it if you commence to have extreme constipation, nausea, too much exhaustion or big urine output.

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