Bikini Or Burlap Sack? How to Get Great Abs the Smart Way

Everyone wants a bikini body, but unfortunately, many of us have abs that would look better covered in a burlap sack. Fret not, killer abs are within everyone’s reach with proper attention to proper nutrition and exercise. Here are my best tips for abs everyone will covet.

1) Fuel your body. Think of your body as an engine. If you put low-grade, crappy fuel full of dirt and debris into your tank, would you expect your car engine to run optimally? Of course not. So why do we put low-grade, crappy fuel into our own bodies in the form of refined sugar, flour, preservative-laden processed foods and artificial sweeteners and expect our bodies to respond the same way it would with premium, high-quality foods? It doesn’t make sense does it? In general, stay away from all processed foods. Stick to whole-grain in breads, pastas and grains such as rice. Have vegetables at every meal. Sound weird? How about a whole-grain English muffin topped with a slice of tomato and an egg for breakfast, a salad with lean-protein for lunch and a dinner like salmon with brown rice and asparagus for dinner. It’s not difficult to get in your veggies, it just takes a little imagination.

2) Ditch your old workout. No results with month-after-month on the treadmill? Do you still have that giant gut hanging over your belt after you’ve put in enough miles on the treadmill to cross the continent? Get serious about your cardio routine: switch to interval training for much faster, visible results. Lift some heavier weights, heavy enough to exhaust your muscles in 8-10 reps. You’ll build fat-burning muscle much quicker, and get the ab definition you’ve been looking for.

3) Turn on the TV. What? Turn on the TV? Yes, instead of plunking yourself down and watching some inane show night after night, why not pop a great fitness DVD. into your player, or borrow your kid’s Wii for some heart-thumping cardio action. Challenging your kids to a sports-based game on the Wii is great fun for them, and also encourages them to keep active by your great example.

These are just a few ways you can achieve lasting weight loss success. Put down those potato chips, eat real, unprocessed foods and get in some proper cardio and weight training and those love handles will be a thing of the past.

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