The Serotrim Answer to Weight Issues

For those facing weight issues, you might want to take a look at the weight loss program created by Dr. Judith and Richard Wurtman called the Serotrim. Rather than making use of pills, supplements or tablets, these two doctors made use of their extensive nutrition knowledge to utilize carbohydrate-rich beverages to reduce the appetite of the users. These beverages are consumed with a specific diet-plan that is defined in order to help weight-loss efforts. Basically it is a low-calorie diet that is defined in accordance to a person’s gender and lifestyle. A male user would need about 1800 calories each day, while a female user needs only 1400 or 1500 calories daily. If the plans followed well, a user would expect to lose at least a kilogram each week.

Serotrim is also deemed to be able to increase the alertness of your brain, and heighten serotonin levels in the brain. As a result, you would have less cravings compared to before. It is also a safer option as it is drug- and caffeine-free. A typical plan would take at least 3 months to accomplish, and you would be able to witness a significant amount of weight loss after the completion of the entire course. Reducing calorie intakes, combined with reduced cravings and appetites would leave you consuming less unnecessary food and beverages, and weight loss would occur naturally. The beverages are filled with useful carbohydrates that would leave you feeling full and with energy.

This solution is suitable for both women and men, and the site that promotes this product also offers useful health and dietary tips for the benefit of the users. As it is a drug-and caffeine-free product, one does not have to worry about health hazards with this product. Once you purchase this product, you would also be handed a calorie-counting software that helps you record and monitor your daily calorie intake, and help to subsequently manage your eating habits.

However, one would find that the price for this product is slightly on the high-side, and you might find yourself allergic to several ingredients within the beverage. As it deals with portion and appetite control, there is a chance that you might end up hungry. To conclude, Serotrim is a strict dietary-based weight loss program that would work perfectly for you, if you are disciplined enough for it.

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