Medifast and Diabetes – How Does Medifast Help Diabetics?

Are you a diabetic considering the Medifast plan? For many diabetics, weight loss is an important part of the treatment program. If that is the case for you, then you probably want to know exactly how Medifast can help diabetics. I’ve done a little research on that very question so I hope I can provide a few answers to your questions.

One thing to keep in mind is that Medifast’s diabetic plan is designed for people with Type 2 diabetes. Losing weight with Medifast is not recommended for you if you have Type 1 diabetes.

The main benefit of Medifast, not only for diabetics, but for anyone who need to lose weight, is the significant weight loss results that can be achieved. Because it is a low calorie diet combined with a reduced carbohydrate intake, results can often be dramatic, as much as 2 to 5 lbs per week.

Some common benefits for diabetics who lose weight are lower levels of fasting glucose, lowered blood pressure and better insulin levels. Some type 2 diabetics may also be able to reduce or stop taking their diabetes medication as well. Just make sure that you don’t make a decision like this without consulting with your doctor. You’ll want to discuss your changing medication needs before you start using Medifast, and then keep checking in with your Doctor to make adjustments as you continue with the plan.

Medifast actually has a specific weight loss program for diabetics that is different than their regular program. The special product line, known as Medifast Plus for Diabetics, is designed with the specific nutritional needs of diabetics in mind. But that isn’t the only difference, so you’ll want to look at the program material as well. Medifast publishes a 34 page “Medifast and Diabetes” program guide which you can read to figure out how the plan will work for you. You can even give a copy of it to your doctor.

The Medifast plan for diabetics is a bit different than the standard 5 & 1 plan other users follow, so you’ll want to look over all the options and have your doctor help you figure out the best choices for you. After that, sticking to the Medifast program is pretty easy with the large variety of shakes and other products for you to choose from, according to your taste.

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