The Basics and Benefits of Delicious Vegetarian Sandwiches

Vegetarian sandwiches are delicious, guilt-free masterpieces that are as filling as their meaty counterparts once done right. Best of all, they allow a lot of creativity, and some of the tastiest recipes can be derived from the simplest ingredients. Added to this, the constant addition of new food items and their variations to the grocery […]

7 Fast Weight Loss Tips – Lose 10 Pounds In A Week

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat as much as you like and still lose weight? You can actually do that when you know which foods to eat to lose weight fast. Just keep in mind that you want to maintain good nutrition while you lose weight. Although there are many diet aids in […]

Top 9 Vegetarian Protein Foods

A nutritious and balanced diet consists of the right portions of essential nutrients that the body needs for healthy functioning, development and repair. One must consume foods that deliver on carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre and of course, water. Proteins in particular, when consumed in the right amount, are necessary for the proper functioning, […]

: How To Turn Into A Vegetarian/Vegan?

For whatever reason (health, allergies, animal love or environment) you want to turn vegetarian/vegan it is a difficult task to change your dietary habits especially if you have been on a meat based diet all your life. But it is not impossible and worth a try! Try these suggestions to help your transition: Make a […]

Mickey Mehta’s Quick Weight Loss Plan

Mickey Mehta is India’s leading Holistic health and fitness guru. Having revolutionized the concept of Wellness, he has been associated with Femina Miss India, Grasim Mr. India, and various other Reality shows on TV, including Fame Gurukul, Channel V – Pop stars, and Channel V – Get Gorgeous. He is the only privileged health exponent […]

Weight Loss – Weight Loss Diet Red Flags

If you’re currently on a weight loss diet, there are some important things you need to be thinking about. While many fat loss diets will work quite nicely, there are some that throw up some major red flags. While the promises it offers you in terms of weight loss may be tempting, if the overall […]

Developing a Vegetarian Mindset & The Health Benefits

Thinking vegetarian can be very difficult among family and friends. Vegetarians tend to get subjected to ongoing religious and unfair arguments that being a carnivore is the normal way to live. I strongly believe that everyone is an individual. The fact is that in order of vegetarianism to become embraced by society those who eat […]

The ‘Michael Jackson’ Diet

Okay, there is not in fact an official ‘Michael Jackson’ diet but his lifestyle is worth knowing about if you are interested in losing weight. There are two basic principles to follow if you want to attain the physique of that lean, mean, dancing machine who was (and still is) the King of Pop. 1. […]