Health Tips For Men and Women

Here are some health tips you might find useful. I myself have survived a serious health problem and not just survived it but emerged from it at the age of 58 in the best health I have ever enjoyed. DAILY EXERCISE: Lots of walking/running/cycling. Bodies like to be worked so work yours. Just bear in […]

The Atkins Diet – A Heart Attack In The Waiting?

Researchers at the University of Athens in Greece have found that people, and specifically women, eating large amounts of protein but very little carbohydrate have an increased risk of heart attack. The type of diet such as a typical Atkins diet plan restricts the amounts of items such as potatoes, bread, rice and pasta, in […]

Acupuncture Weight Loss? Plus 5 Step Weight Loss Plan

I remember back in my senior year of high school – my best friend since 5th grade was living in France. He wrote that they didn’t like Americans much. “They think we’re all fat,” he said. With his own skinny frame, of course, he confounded their belief. But, he added a funny, or perhaps ironic […]

4 Tips On Creating Your Healthy Eating Plan

To be healthy, the first and most important steps are to accept that you need to make changes to your present lifestyle and eating habits. Once you understand that, the next step is to come out with an action plan to follow. This action plan should be based upon your personal fitness goals. Implementing this […]

The Serotrim Answer to Weight Issues

For those facing weight issues, you might want to take a look at the weight loss program created by Dr. Judith and Richard Wurtman called the Serotrim. Rather than making use of pills, supplements or tablets, these two doctors made use of their extensive nutrition knowledge to utilize carbohydrate-rich beverages to reduce the appetite of […]

Why Should You Eat Healthy And Exercise?

It is a well-known fact that in order for us to get the body size that we want, we have to have a healthy eating habit and a regular schedule of exercise or work out. A healthy eating means that we have to cut out the sugar and fat from our diet, and instead eat […]

Nature’s Cancer Remedies: Organic Prostate Cancer Treatments

Prostate cancer affects more than 200,000 men every year in the United States alone. Worldwide statistics for prostate cancer continue to grow exponentially, and with the continued modernization of 2nd and 3rd world nations the number of cases is likely to increase. While these numbers may seem grim, when detected early the recovery rate for […]